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The Journal Of The Leeness

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Okay I decided to clear out and start over because i'm sick of looking at the plain boring same old same old entries I post. Also my journal was a bit unorganised and stuff.

Friend's Only

Okay well that title is self-explanatory. Only people on my friends list can see my entries, end of discussion. Also please do not ask to see my Livejournal. Basically this journal is for only people invited to it, therefore i'd appreciate no PM's or IM's pestering me about allowing you access.

Secrecy and My Privacy

If I have given you acces to this journal or am giving you access to the journal you must respect my privacy. I use locked entries for a reason. Please do not discuss anything placed in here outside of my LJ unless it is with me or fellow friends to my LJ. Thing I put in here I would like to keep secret from the majority of people and those who can see it are a select lucky few who get to share my stuff with me.

EDIT: Ask and you'll be added now ^_^

Day Three is your Third Day

Welllllll, how am I? I am so friggin awesome! So much goodness has happened and I am just so happy and happy and all HAPPY. Teehee.

Well first off I find out that yesterday that my Sims 2 that I ordered from Ebay got delivered, so I was pretty chuffed of that and I got told when we were school shopping so couldnt play it straight away =[. So we finished shopping at the local 'mall' and then my mum and dad come in the car and are like, "Would you like to go get your laptop today and yo can pay us back when you can?" Well I was over the friggin moon, said yes straight away obviously.

Sooooooooo, got home and set up the windows stuff and stuff. So I installed the Sims and the main things that are needed then we took ages to get the whole wireless thing set up, but it ended up getting sorted in the end up. I am just so chuffed and happy about it all.

Anywayz, back at school on 21st sooooo thats quite good. A whole loads of das of quality type with the 'top. =DDDDD

So happy lately and fuck face Craig and Sarah arent around to get in my way or piss me of =]


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